Instagram URL Downloader is the Best Way to Save Instagram Video

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Instagram URL downloader makes anyone can download a video or photo from Instagram easily. Instasaverpro. This is the best tool anyone can use who is looking forward to download Instagram videos or photos on the devices. Instagram is a well-known social media platform being used throughout the world. This special platform used for sharing media, having conversations, reacting to comments, and commenting on posts is attention-grabbing.

Along with using Instagram, we should add one thing, i.e., Instasaverpro, which is a URL downloader Instagram as it provides an option to the users to download different media from Instagram. The dedicated developers of the app have made the Instasaverpro in a way that will help the users to bring the posted media of Instagram to the device.

How to download Instagram URL?

Open on the browser. For instance, if the username is jennyAndrew, then type as URL. Select the post which you want in your device, copy the link of the post from the top right side and then paste it.

How can I use Instagram URL for downloading videos?

Open the post which you want to download then do right click on date of video, select copy link address then paste it in the tool of downloading app, then click the download button. By this you can download the video from Instagram within seconds.

How can we download videos from Instagram without copying URL?

There are many apps with the help of which you can download Instagram content directly from Instagram. Such apps directly integrate the Instagram. It enables the users to download content in just a single click. The app allows you to open Instagram and provides you with download option.

How to copy URL of Instagram post?

The Instagram users can easily download the Instagram content by copying the URL of their favorite post. Open your favorite post and on the upper right option click Copy link. After copying the link of the post paste it in the tool box of the app.

Why choose Instasaverpro for downloading media from Instagram?

Instasaverpro is the best Instagram URL downloader that is not complicated to use. It is quite simple to use after going through it only once. The app is just like a web page you must visit whenever you want to download Instagram videos or photos. The app only requires the URL of the video from you to download it from Instagram. Instasaverpro allows you Instagram URL download mp4 videos with ease.

Another reason for choosing Instasaverpro is that this tool can help you download the media file of any size from Instagram. Moreover, we can say that it can download uncountable files, but the Instagram video downloader URL can copy the URL of only one video at a time. There are no additional instructions for using the app.

Another biggest advantage of using this app is that it is free. The app owners do not even cost a penny for installing the app or downloading the media file. We have seen many URL downloaders who charge monthly from the users, but this app is free and easy to use.

In certain cases, you don’t even need to install the app, and you can’t set up the app on your desktop. The users can use the app on smartphones as well as on PC. Now, the users don’t have to waste their mobile storage installing the app; they just have to browse the page, open the Instasaverpro web page, and then continue downloading the Instagram posts.

The Instagram URL downloader will download the media directly from Instagram to your device, which should be connected to Wi-Fi. Still, for that purpose, the internet connection should be stable. After downloading the video, you can watch it later while offline. Apart from allowing the users to download the videos and photos directly from Instagram, the Instagram URL downloader provides you with a facility to zoom in or out on installed content. It also provides an opportunity like fast forward plus rewind. In addition, the hashtags used in the Instagram posts can also be copied without effort, saving users quality time.

Instasaverpro and its Efficiency

This efficient utility tool will allow the users to do more with the content of Instagram. The missing features of Instagram, like reposting, download, copying hashtags, etc. in Instagram are easily available in Instasaverpro. The Instagram URL downloader requires the user only to copy and paste the URL of the video or photo, which he has to download to save on the device. Save Instagram video URL and paste it into Instasaverpro to get your videos.   The app will do the rest of the process. The app supports Instagram downloads irrespective of the device type and operating system.

The users can save or download catchy photos and videos to AndroidAndroid, iPhone, and computers. The only rule for Instagram video download URLs is that the user has to free up some memory from the device for the downloaded videos. The content downloaded on PC or AndroidAndroid can be done on well-known operating systems like windows, Linux, macOS, etc. The user from any gadget can easily access this online server.


Instasaverpro is a well-known Instagram URL downloader used to save social media content and is 100% legal and safe. Still, it is important to consider the security rights of the people before copying the URL of a photo or video. You just have to copy the URL of your favorite Instagram video or photo and then paste it into the box available at Instasaverpro, after which the Instagram content will be downloaded on your device. There is no limit to the number of URLs you can copy, but only one link can be copied at a time.