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Download IG video MP4 is something many Instagram users want to do. Instagram is a wonderful place. People use it every day, whether to grow their account into something popular or just browsing around the search category.

However, one thing that’s missing from Instagram is the feature to download the content. But don’t worry, before we get it for you. Below is the recommendation along with the best proper tools to do ig download video MP4.

How do I save a MP4 video to Instagram?

Not inferior to TikTok, Instagram Reels comes with exciting short videos, as well as up-to-date editing features.

Users may freely use various typical Instagram Stories effects here to make cooler videos. Well, the thing that quite distinguishes it from TikTok is that there is no “Save Video” feature on Instagram Reels to save videos to the gallery and internal phone memory.

Therefore, you need an IG Reels Downloader like Instasaverpro so that you can save IG Reels videos to your internal smartphone storage, then share them on other social media.

If you’ve found the video you want to download and you’ve got the link, just go to Instagram video download MP4 format.

For more details, follow the steps to download the following IG Reels video:

  1. Open the Instagram video you want to save into MP4
  2. Tap the “three dots” in the bottom corner
  3. Select “copy link” to copy the URL of the IG Reels video.
  4. Go to the Instagram video downloader website
  5. Paste the link in the column provided.
  6. Tap “Downloads.”
  7. Wait until the result preview appears.
  8. Tap “Downloads.”
  9. Done! The video has been stored on your internal smartphone. And that’s how you download video MP4 ig.

How can I download Instagram videos without the APP?

In addition to Facebook, Instagram is also one of the popular social media that has millions of active users every month. With this Instagram, we can find the latest information, interesting videos, job vacancies, and so on. Every day, you will definitely find various interesting and useful posts or stories.

So, it’s a shame if, until now, you still don’t have an Instagram account. Ways to make an account isn’t hard; you can also register an account via Facebook.

How to download Instagram video MP4 online can be done with the help of an online downloader site (without the need to install an application).

  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Then copy the link to the video you want to download. You do this by clicking the three dots located on the top right of the video, then selecting Copy Link.
  3. Open the downloader site through a browser
  4. Paste the link of the video into the column provided, then click the Download button.
  5. After that, click the Download video button to download ig video MP4
  6. The video will download automatically.

How do you save Instagram videos on iPhone without APP?

There are various applications and websites that you can use to do ig download video MP4 . The download method is also very simple to do so that beginners can immediately do it and get the video they want.

The first website that you can do to download videos from Instagram is through website downloader. The IG Downloader website is widely used and utilized by people when they want to get an interesting video from a popular application, namely Instagram.

How to use the website can be said to be simple; even beginners can easily do it. Maybe some of you still don’t understand the ways, so for that, you can pay attention and follow the steps below.

  1. First of all, open the Instagram application on their respective smartphones
  2. Second, look for the video you want to download
  3. If you have found it, then enter it into the browser and visit the website downloader
  4. Copy the link to the video
  5. Paste the link to the downloader website
  6. Done! And that’s how you can get Instagram video download MP4 format.

What skills to have on Instagram

After knowing about the methods to download video MP4 ig, now let us talk about the skills.

Research shows that 21 percent of social media users will unfollow a brand on social media if the shared content is deemed uninteresting, monotonous, and boring. For that, a social media specialist should have creativity as a supporting skill.

You must be able to come up with new, interesting, creative, and innovative ideas in designing campaigns on social media so that you not only keep your followers engaged but you can also help your company’s social media stand out from other competitors.

The visual aspect is undeniably very important in social media. The reason is that brand storytelling is not only done with words but also requires an attractive aesthetic presentation on all platforms.

For that, having a good sense of design and being able to translate it into interesting concepts and content is a must-have for a social media specialist.

This doesn’t mean you have to be skilled at design using Photoshop. However, at least you can use simple content creation tools like canvas, gypsy, or adobe spark that can help you create interesting posts.