Instagram Story Download for PC, iPhone, Android

Instagram story saver (downloader) is a surprise Instagram tool, you can download Instagram story with music and video freely,it download high-quality story from IG just 10S, and everyone can use it.

How to save Instagram story for iPhone?

  1. Like download Instagram reels, you must install the Documents by Readdle first
  2. Open the Instagram app and copy the link
  3. Open the Documents and click the Safari
  4. Paste the link to story saver
  5. Click the “download” button download the story from the Instagram link
save video from instagram to iphone
instagram video downloader for pc

Step Insta story download for PC

  1. Open the IG official website in the browser and search for Insta story download
  2. Click….copy the Instagram story download link in the pop-up window, open any page of the story saver website and paste the link in “link paste here”
  3. Click the “Download” button on the right to start to save story from Instagram
  4. Click Save to get the story

How to download Instagram story online for Android

  1. Open the Instagram app or website on your phone and find the Instadp story you need to download
  2. Copy Instagram link story download
  3. Click to download to start to save IG story
instagram video download app for android

Why Use Story Saver Instagram to Download?

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

IG story saver without any user information is required, and no usage data is saved, ensuring maximum privacy of data

Quick Response

Quick Response

Support 5G speed transmission, all files can be downloaded in up to 10 seconds

Multifunctional Free to Use

Multifunctional Free to Use

All functions can be used freely, stable and smooth, fast response

People Also Ask

What is story saver?

Story saver is a tool for Instagram story video download online, No registration, you can use it when you open the browser, and you can save any IG story at any time

How to download an Instagram story with music?

Yes, you can download all Instagram Reels in Instagram downloader, IG app does not support reels download, so you need to use tools like Instagram Reels saver

Why can’t I download my Instagram story?

  1. In Instasaver you can save all Instagram stories, here is how to download them.
    1. Open any video on Instagram and click “…” at the top right
    2. Tap “copy link” on the opened page
    3. Go to Instasvepro and paste the copied link
    4. Click “Download” and then “to MP4” or “to MP3” will appear. You can choose the format you want to save

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